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Fluid Interfaces Premier gets Flamed

I came across this article on Three Questions for Patti Maes from MIT’s Technology Review. The interesting part is the comments. A bit of background. Patti Maes is a living legend of HCI. She is MIT’s #1 in HCI and MIT … Continue reading

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VmrV: I am very disappointed with you, go and do your homework right now!

Can’t face reprimanding your perfect children? Need to keep your working relationship with your underperforming-and-needs-to-be-told colleague? Know the feeling that needs to be communicated, but you’d rather be doing something else? Introducing Virtual Mr V, the perfect way to say … Continue reading

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An Uncanny Can of Worms

Masahiro Mori coined the term “the uncanny valley” in the 1970s to describe an observed phenomenon of discomfort, rejection and even revulsion at human-like robots (or animated manikins) when they became increasingly human-like. An articulated (but disembodied) talking face or … Continue reading

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Cardboard robots for kids to build

The image speaks for itself – simply brilliant. Not even so expensive as a novelty, and certainly a piece of design brilliance that’s part of a wider ground swell of folk-empowerment in materials to build moving things. If these Kinetic … Continue reading

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I learn, therefore I forget

It’s a funny twist of brain gymnastics that the philosophical notion that learning can not exist without forgetting popped into my head. I don’t even claim this is a solid notion, but it is going to be an important focus … Continue reading

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Why a humanoid? (An HCI answer)

There are many successful human-machine interactions, interfaces and devices that don’t make a great deal of sense from the human-machine design perspective. Although it’s not necessary to go into the wonder and confusion that is a TV remote control, it’s … Continue reading

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The mysterious Mr V

Pictured on the left is proof that Mr V is of high pedegree – a Bioloid humanoid robot of Bioloid Premium Kit origin. But who is Mr V? For some bizarre reason our humanoid “robotic emoticon” was given a difficult Finnish name beginning … Continue reading

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