Robot App Store (the first incarnation)

Robot App StoreDoes it get any cooler that the Robot App Store? Well, in fairness, it certainly does. But the point it is, this ever-so-brilliant idea of an app store for robot software is already here and with us today. That is truly wonderful. The catalogue of apps are still in the hobbyist league, but this is a sign of things to come, and these folk have lit an important beacon on the journey to ubiquitous social robotics.

Take a look at the “NAO emotions collection” series of apps (they have youtube links) – fun but judging by the difficulty NAO is having with expressing itself through these apps, NAO might want a short vacation. This reveals where these robots apps generally feature on the spectrum from enthusiastic open source to professional commercial add-ons. Still, this is an important beacon, and perhaps the start of a commercial control point.

And a beacon that sets a high benchmark for production quality of such a robot app store.

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