The mysterious Mr V

Bioloid PremiumPictured on the left is proof that Mr V is of high pedegree – a Bioloid humanoid robot of Bioloid Premium Kit origin.

But who is Mr V? For some bizarre reason our humanoid “robotic emoticon” was given a difficult Finnish name beginning with the letter V (Vanha-Veikko, Ville-Valaton, Vilma-Verna or something like that). For those who are not difficult Finns (or Finns in difficulty), he’s to be known as Mr V.

We’ve only just got to work on him, so it’s just the off-the-shelf (off-the-web) tricks for Mr V for the time being. But he already demonstrated his emotional affectiveness when innocently falling over my foot while performing his “walk around and don’t fall over things” trick – the audience of 8 students uttered a heart felt “aah” and thought “you cruel human, he’s just a child”. It made me happy. (In the sense of experiencing the wonderful affect of humans projecting onto a machine with the right affordances, and maybe a little in the Dr Evil sense too 😉 .)

Youtube has bioloid videos for every occasion, but it was the unemotionally named Bioloid DMS Sensor Video that surprised me.

More on Mr V to follow…

Meanwhile, here are some less mysterious “robot emoticons” for your entertainment and reuse:

¥[*.*]¥    ~(o_o)~    <(-_-)>    :]]     [:]     :]     [:|]

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