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Play with our avatars!

Generate and simulate your own emotional avatar expressions! We’re delighted to announce that we’re sharing our Summer 2012 demo apps for collaboration. Our Social Robotics Applications and Demos page contains all you need to know for this. App specific info … Continue reading

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Much more than a ragdoll

My 7 year old daughter got to hold (an unpowered) Väino (bioloid) the weekend before last and her view on how Väinö (unpowered) is different from a doll or other toy sums up a lot of insight: Väino is better … Continue reading

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Emotional challenge

Here are the 7 emotional and 2 presentation face poses we used for our human-like face avatar. See if you can guess which is which – solution in the comments. Happy / Happiness Sad / Sadness Angry /Anger Fear / … Continue reading

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Affective Väinö making himself comfortable…

…in my office 😉 And he does all the cool things he did over the summer – including the occasional sudden leap of death. Actually, it’s those leaps to the floor/table that are putting me off mounting my iPhone to his neck … Continue reading

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One giant leap for slideware…

I shared my first slideshare presentation today: a brief on Social Robotics for this semester’s TAMK User Experience Design course. Enjoy:

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Industry and money – more of.

Here’s a nice little article on how robots create jobs. There is an obvious cool of working with social robots that can easily and painlessly interact with people in our normal environs, with the added magic of the power of … Continue reading

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