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Robotics job creating potential

Robotics job creating potential

Here’s a nice little article on how robots create jobs.

There is an obvious cool of working with social robots that can easily and painlessly interact with people in our normal environs, with the added magic of the power of computation and the cloud. And the pleasure of working with other people on, especially this, cool human-centred technology is fantastic. But in the bigger picture there are only really a couple of reasons for working with this field of technology and human service: commercial growth and societal benefit. Job creation is that perfect intersection between these two.

 Knowledge and Possibilities to Empower People Reproducing the APP ECONOMY syndrome in the Robotics industry One incarnation of value (and so job) creation was alluded to previously in my Robot App Store (the first incarnation) post. And now, there’s a newer post on the same subject that’s worth a look: Reproducing the APP ECONOMY syndrome in the Robotics industry. I have no doubt that I’ll return to this subject before too long at the patterns and techno-economic and techno-interpersonal cultures that have evolved around SmartPhone App stores are just too juicy not to use as comparisons and models to aspire to.

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