Play with our avatars!

SR Apps Summer2012

Our Social Robotics Apps from Summer 2012 for Collaboration and Download

Generate and simulate your own emotional avatar expressions!

We’re delighted to announce that we’re sharing our Summer 2012 demo apps for collaboration. Our Social Robotics Applications and Demos page contains all you need to know for this. App specific info is on each app page and in the bundled readme files. The license terms are also in the bundle (personal use, no commercial use, tell us what you are doing for research use, etc.) And, due to the magic of Unity3D, there are Mac, Windows and Win64 versions of each app. (No mobile builds yet, but likely in future).

Everything works fine for the standalone modes. And all the software is there for the networked modes, but you’ll have to get in touch if you want to control the avatar remotely with networked mode because the allocation of ids is hardcoded in this alpha version.

Have fun and tell us what you think!

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