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Tin Foil Hat Fail

The short story: our ISP service is inadequate. The free-with-broadband Zyxel monstrosity is utterly unconfigurable. An eventual call back from customer services at a terrible time without followup ensures that the new all-singing-all-dancing DSL wifi router I bought with rave reviews from … Continue reading

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Win10 Parental Controls Wrecked

I’m on a mission. To my huge surprise I was singing Microsoft’s praise a couple of week since due to their awesome, and easy and versatile to configure and monitor, parental controls. I’ll leave the gruesome details of why I … Continue reading

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Getting warmer

It’s time to reanimate this site. Whereas my adventures in tech research and university research are in deep freeze, my life tech continues and teaching and parenting is putting all sorts of new challenges and ideas in my way. So … Continue reading

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There’s some smarts in Google, recently purchased…

My last research topic before leaving Nokia was related to intelligent content companions – smart software to get metadata, search, relevance, recommendation, timing attention, and general enjoyment of your own and other’s content just right. Charged with setting the research … Continue reading

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A jog down research memory lane

It’s always a risk hunting down an old article or two that you influenced or wrote. This time it cost me 3 hours, and resulted in this nearly comprehensive list of articles I’ve written (since 2000) or influenced or was … Continue reading

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Jeppe: Flash from my past

Way back in 2006-2007 I was leading the Media Window project (HD video call and immersive telepresence for mobiles, using a dedicated FPGA “USB hardware accessory”, and the new phenomenon of HD TV, with the dream that HD projection and … Continue reading

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Join in our robot appearance study! We want you to join in our study on the appearance of robots that might assist us in the future! Just use this link: It should take around 15-20 minutes. This is part … Continue reading

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