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Tin Foil Hat Fail

The short story: our ISP service is inadequate. The free-with-broadband Zyxel monstrosity is utterly unconfigurable. An eventual call back from customer services at a terrible time without followup ensures that the new all-singing-all-dancing DSL wifi router I bought with rave reviews from … Continue reading

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Win10 Parental Controls Wrecked

I’m on a mission. To my huge surprise I was singing Microsoft’s praise a couple of week since due to their awesome, and easy and versatile to configure and monitor, parental controls. I’ll leave the gruesome details of why I … Continue reading

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Dubious: UK public believes robots … shouldn’t care for young or elderly A survey performed to test views of the general public about robots has an interesting “finding” about robots: don’t use them to care for children or the elderly … Continue reading

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Much more than a ragdoll

My 7 year old daughter got to hold (an unpowered) Väino (bioloid) the weekend before last and her view on how Väinö (unpowered) is different from a doll or other toy sums up a lot of insight: Väino is better … Continue reading

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MEDi fascinates kids so they block and forget stress and pain (NAO app)

 The University of Calgary’s (UoC) faculty of medicine work on MEDi the robot helps reduce anxiety of kids getting flu shots appears in the Calgary Herland. On one hand, this is just-another-fun-funded-experimental-research effort using NAO (a nao jaffer – nao I need to find … Continue reading

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