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ResearchGate for mining social media

Ever since promising results in our pilot study¬†Introducing game and playful experiences to other application domains through personality and motivation models, mining social media (facebook in particular) has been on my agenda. I haven’t gotten round to it yet, but … Continue reading

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When not

It’s but an interesting footnote for now, but with a great Summer vacation only just behind me I was reflecting on the work-focus part of the holiday. The first half on the vacation where every wifi hotspot needs your access … Continue reading

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An Uncanny Can of Worms

Masahiro Mori coined the term “the uncanny valley” in the 1970s to describe an observed phenomenon of discomfort, rejection and even revulsion at human-like robots (or animated manikins) when they became increasingly human-like. An articulated (but disembodied) talking face or … Continue reading

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