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Let Many Bots Bloom!

Having used bipedal, research and industrial robots, we realised that a big part of the barrier to entry to consumer and mass market healthcare was due to the┬ácost and reliability of many actuators (motors, degrees of freedom etc.) and high … Continue reading

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Play with our avatars!

Generate and simulate your own emotional avatar expressions! We’re delighted to announce that we’re sharing our Summer 2012 demo apps for collaboration. Our Social Robotics Applications and Demos page contains all you need to know for this. App specific info … Continue reading

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Emotional challenge

Here are the 7 emotional and 2 presentation face poses we used for our human-like face avatar. See if you can guess which is which – solution in the comments. Happy / Happiness Sad / Sadness Angry /Anger Fear / … Continue reading

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VmrV: I am very disappointed with you, go and do your homework right now!

Can’t face reprimanding your perfect children? Need to keep your working relationship with your underperforming-and-needs-to-be-told colleague? Know the feeling that needs to be communicated, but you’d rather be doing something else? Introducing Virtual Mr V, the perfect way to say … Continue reading

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An Uncanny Can of Worms

Masahiro Mori coined the term “the uncanny valley” in the 1970s to describe an observed phenomenon of discomfort, rejection and even revulsion at human-like robots (or animated manikins) when they became increasingly human-like. An articulated (but disembodied) talking face or … Continue reading

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