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Getting warmer

It’s time to reanimate this site. Whereas my adventures in tech research and university research are in deep freeze, my life tech continues and teaching and parenting is putting all sorts of new challenges and ideas in my way. So … Continue reading

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ResearchGate for mining social media

Ever since promising results in our pilot study Introducing game and playful experiences to other application domains through personality and motivation models, mining social media (facebook in particular) has been on my agenda. I haven’t gotten round to it yet, but … Continue reading

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Home page for our Social Robotics projects at TAMK

Following hot on the heals of a new YouTube channel will be a revamped TAMK page, meanwhile enjoy our classic look while it lasts…

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Affective Väinö making himself comfortable…

…in my office 😉 And he does all the cool things he did over the summer – including the occasional sudden leap of death. Actually, it’s those leaps to the floor/table that are putting me off mounting my iPhone to his neck … Continue reading

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Fluid Interfaces Premier gets Flamed

I came across this article on Three Questions for Patti Maes from MIT’s Technology Review. The interesting part is the comments. A bit of background. Patti Maes is a living legend of HCI. She is MIT’s #1 in HCI and MIT … Continue reading

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I learn, therefore I forget

It’s a funny twist of brain gymnastics that the philosophical notion that learning can not exist without forgetting popped into my head. I don’t even claim this is a solid notion, but it is going to be an important focus … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to SocialMachine! Just a little blog on the Social Robotics subspace of Intelligent Machines. A couple of other – perpetually work in progress – ports of call you might like to visit are:!/socialrobots   Enjoy!

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