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Tin Foil Hat Fail

The short story: our ISP service is inadequate. The free-with-broadband Zyxel monstrosity is utterly unconfigurable. An eventual call back from customer services at a terrible time without followup ensures that the new all-singing-all-dancing DSL wifi router I bought with rave reviews from … Continue reading

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EmoSPARK | First A.I. Console

An interesting emotion capture approach. And soon to be off-the-shelf too.

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Dubious: UK public believes robots … shouldn’t care for young or elderly A survey performed to test views of the general public about robots has an interesting “finding” about robots: don’t use them to care for children or the elderly … Continue reading

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Cardboard robots for kids to build

The image speaks for itself – simply brilliant. Not even so expensive as a novelty, and certainly a piece of design brilliance that’s part of a wider ground swell of folk-empowerment in materials to build moving things. If these Kinetic … Continue reading

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The mysterious Mr V

Pictured on the left is proof that Mr V is of high pedegree – a Bioloid humanoid robot of Bioloid Premium Kit origin. But who is Mr V? For some bizarre reason our humanoid “robotic emoticon” was given a difficult Finnish name beginning … Continue reading

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Robot body platforms: adept mobilerobots

Cool bodies for purchase as your next physical robot platform are available in many places, but if you’re using wheels adept mobilerobots is possibly the best starting point. Big Trak grew up!

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Mood-reading the faces of the masses (New Scientist, MIT)

New Scientist posted an interesting article on Face-reading software to judge the mood of the masses – tech – 28 May 2012 – New Scientist. This is essentially a “many faces at once” version of MIT Affective Computing Lab’s Mindreader … Continue reading

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