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Jeppe: Flash from my past

Way back in 2006-2007 I was leading the Media Window project (HD video call and immersive telepresence for mobiles, using a dedicated FPGA “USB hardware accessory”, and the new phenomenon of HD TV, with the dream that HD projection and … Continue reading

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Join in our robot appearance study! We want you to join in our study on the appearance of robots that might assist us in the future! Just use this link: It should take around 15-20 minutes. This is part … Continue reading

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Let Many Bots Bloom!

Having used bipedal, research and industrial robots, we realised that a big part of the barrier to entry to consumer and mass market healthcare was due to the cost and reliability of many actuators (motors, degrees of freedom etc.) and high … Continue reading

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Something we’ve been playing with in the background – a simple two wheel (gyro-stablised reverse pendulum arduino powered) platform for moving robot apps about. It’s not finished but the video is a great way to see how modifying the values … Continue reading

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Much more than a ragdoll

My 7 year old daughter got to hold (an unpowered) Väino (bioloid) the weekend before last and her view on how Väinö (unpowered) is different from a doll or other toy sums up a lot of insight: Väino is better … Continue reading

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VmrV: I am very disappointed with you, go and do your homework right now!

Can’t face reprimanding your perfect children? Need to keep your working relationship with your underperforming-and-needs-to-be-told colleague? Know the feeling that needs to be communicated, but you’d rather be doing something else? Introducing Virtual Mr V, the perfect way to say … Continue reading

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Cardboard robots for kids to build

The image speaks for itself – simply brilliant. Not even so expensive as a novelty, and certainly a piece of design brilliance that’s part of a wider ground swell of folk-empowerment in materials to build moving things. If these Kinetic … Continue reading

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